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  • August 13, 2017

Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate

The spring in the UAE is not like the ones in the European countries. Although it is considered less hotter when compared to summer in the UAE by the locals. The average temperature is +28C and there are occasional rain twice or thrice in the month of April. The summer is UAE; the heat rises up to +42C, sometimes higher. If you are visiting Dubai in summer, be sure to keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. It gets really complicated when the desert winds carry sand and there is sand storm. It is better to stay inside during Mid-day. Consider wearing thin clothes that cover your whole body; because a naked exposed body even your hand or shoulder will get really hot. If you are sensitive to the heat, it is advisable to use proper sunscreen lotions and sunglasses even when you are travelling in the car. But Dubai is far more advanced and developed than before, the city houses remarkable number of hotels and malls and all the places are fully air-conditioned.

The autumn in Dubai nothing different than other seasons except the temperature starts to drop slightly in the month of September, October and November. The maximum temperature during these months is +39C(September) and the minimum is +18C(November). In summer, the day is as long as 11 hours.

During winter, the sea is still warm. But winter is less hot than other climates in the Middle East. The Minimum temperature is +13C in the month of January and daytime lasts for 7 hours.

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