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  • June 24, 2019

VAT Refunds for Travellers

VAT Refunds for Travellers

VAT was introduced in UAE on January 1st, 2018. Since then, UAE has been collecting VAT from its residents and travellers. However, from November 2018, UAE started refunding the VAT collected from the travellers. The retailers in UAE keeps track of all the VAT paid to them irrespective of residents or tourists. So, the tourists can get a refund of the VAT amount from kiosks stationed at all UAE exit points. To get a refund, the person should produce his/her passport, tax invoices and credit card information. They can claim the refund from these self-service kiosks, however an official will be available at these kiosks to assist. There are few conditions applied while refunding.

They are –

  1. Cash Refund – A person can only refund up to 10,000 AED in cash per day. However there is no limit on refunds made through credit card
  2. Eligibility – A traveller who is 18 years old or more, who is exiting UAE with the purchased goods within 90 days
  3. Minimum purchase – No refund is allowed on any purchases below AED 250
  4. A person cannot refund any invoice. In order to refund a tax invoice, the retailer must be enlisted. Currently, over 4500 stores are enlisted
  5. Administration fee – 15% administration fee will be charged for the refund process and 4.8% tag fee for every individual claim

You can find these kiosks at 12 air, land and seaports – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Al Maktoum airports, etc.

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