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  • August 2, 2018

Getting Around UAE

Getting Around UAE

Getting Around

Always try to make sure you have local currency and some taxis don’t have the credit card readers. It is recommended to use Uber or Careem (a local version of Uber – https://www.careem.com/en-ae/).

My preference is always to use the web to book via RTA (peak periods) or Uber or Careem (off peak periods). Careem/Uber are sometimes cheaper and more efficient when it is not peak periods.

It is recommended that you download and install the apps before arriving in Dubai.

Always try to plan your trips ahead, select & download your preferred transport application, install Waze App to help you planning your travel times.

– an exprienced traveller


Using Uber is great in Dubai, with a new car fleet and even Helicopters as a transportation choice if you fancy flying around the city, so be careful NOT to order one in error, Helicopter prices starts from 520 AED depending on route / availability. The standard Uber is a Lexus LS350 executive which is pretty impressive and starting prices from $10 and sometimes cheaper than the taxis rates (only during off peak periods). During Peak periods, use the normal Dubai RTA axis.
Some Hotels have regular bus shuttles from & to most major shopping malls
Travelling around Dubai End to end takes about 30 minutes without traffic and average taxi’s cost is 60-100 AED, If you are going from one end of town to the other


Careem is a brilliant money saver and equally as good and efficient as Uber.  https://www.careem.com/en-ae/how-it-works/Download the app
Google playstore (click here)
Apple  App Store (Click Here)

RTA Taxis  

Careem is a brilliant money saver and equally as good and efficient as Uber.  https://www.careem.com/en-ae/how-it-works/

VIP / Executive Taxis

In Dubai, there are also executive taxis, Lexus LX350 sedan saloon vehicles, if coming out of the airport, please avoid them they charge between 30 – 50% more than regular RTA Dubai taxis and the irony is that most of them are registered Uber drivers that will charge 10-20% less when booked via Uber or Careem

If you stay in hotels and you ask for a taxi, make sure you tell them you want RTA taxi and not executive taxi! They like to always order executive taxis, which cost more.

Airport Transportation Choices

  • Download, install & setup your account with your preferred transport provider once you arrive at the airport.
  • Book your transport after you pick up your luggage.
  • It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

Renting a CAR – could be great fun for petrol heads

At the airport, you can pre-book a car rental if you love to drive and like to explore the city.
If you have an international driving license, it is accepted at most car rental points.
Download Waze application before entering UAE to avoid any disappointment

Be a Ubercopter & feel like the BOSS

On a more serious note, make sure you plan your trips and avoid unnecessary bills…
UAE taxis may cost you a fortune if you don’t plan your trip well before starting your trip for the day. Also check all the options and compare prices so that you can save money. Hope you found this useful.

Enjoy your ride!

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