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  • September 10, 2018

Money & Exchange rates

Money & Exchange rates

Always try to have local currency; most places that accept foreign currencies have hidden admin charges that leave you out of pocket.
If you are planning on spending a credit/debit card, always try to pay in local currency unless you have a mean home bank that charges crazy exchange rates…


If you are visiting Dubai from Nigeria, contact your bank before using card. From our own experience, we have noticed that Standard Chattered advises their customers to use AED (local currency at destination) to avoid conflicting rates. The current rate to the dollar is 3.65 AED (Dirhams) to 1 USD and has been pegged since 1997. The rate NEVER changes.

If you are already here in Dubai, the best place to change your USD is at Oriental exchange, they have branches all around Dubai. We personally use the Dubai Mall branch on the lower ground floor near the taxis / Wait-rose entrance

Telephone no. +971(0) 4 330 8720

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