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  • August 13, 2017

Dress code & Clothing

Dress code & Clothing


In month of November, the temperature is a lot cooler but might be humid or hot for those coming from cooler regions. The current temperature during the day is between 25 – 35 degrees (no more 30 – 40s) degrees centigrade. However within most hotels and malls, you are fine. You are only required to be modest in your dressing when entering Government offices and certain religious sites.

Some clubs & restaurants do not accept customers in swimsuits or shorts at certain times of the day. Flip-flops are not allowed in most 5-star lounges
Like most of the people believe, all woman need not cover their head, legs or body. Although native women cover their head and body when they are in public places for cultural or religious reasons.

It is best to avoid strapless, or short clothes above the knee in public areas. For men, wearing shorts are considered odd. But it will not cause any trouble. Wearing tight shorts are considered offensive unless you are cycling, then that is okay.
If you are being reported for offensive clothes, just try to fix it there to avoid any more troubles. Because, remember you are on a vacation and its time to chill and not get into any troubles.

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